First build

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First build

Post  Kriemoon on Sat May 19, 2012 9:58 am

I'm now level 30 or something and these are my findings:

Stuff with +vitality is needed to survive bigtime. Items can easily give you +500 hp each and that's alot. I need like 2-3k health in act4 to easily whirlwind my way through Wink I go 1-hand + shield btw

So... skills:

Cleave: Just by far the best? Don't know... just seems the best to me (explode rune)
Whirlwind: Actually a good skill, whirlwind can get you in and out of bad situations (+ speed rune)
Leap: is nice Smile I use the + armor thing so I can jump into mobs (armor rune)
Revenge: This skill is awesome! It does loads of damage, good AoE and heals for alot too Smile (not sure which rune)
War cry: not sure yet, increased dmg but maybe not awesome. kinda waiting till I get the MF rune for it (for now extra dmg rune)
Earthquake: Skill I reserve for rare monsters and bosses, works really well. (not sure which rune)

Will update later with the correct names Very Happy


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Re: First build

Post  Mavko on Sat May 19, 2012 3:17 pm

Noteworthy is that Barbs (and also Monks) take 30% less dmg overall than wizard, DH and WD


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