Sorc experiments so far

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Sorc experiments so far

Post  Mavko on Sat May 19, 2012 3:30 am

Having gone HC and SC now, I do not recommend sorc as a beginner class, especially not HC.

DMG is based on the weapon, 2 handed is viable in SC. Stack intellect and get a proper high damage weapon and you will dish out some serious dps.

Hardcore, stack vitality, go shield/1h - int/vit on the same item is godly - however very rare in my experience.

Note - as sorc you wild die instantly most of the time, when you get the hang of kiting and
CD management, you can survive some encounters. With no proper tanking in the group, frost nova is a must, and expect to kite constantly.

Softcore builds that I've experimented with.

- no defense, for group runs with proper tank/heal!XdY!YaYaZa (could go arcane orb here, if the encounter is viable for it)

- some defense, kiteable but yet again, tank/heal - (could go disintegrate, but it requires some skill to manage in kiting)!XZY!YaZaZa

I'll keep this post updated when I have experienced inferno in SC. HC builds will also be posted in the future. Questions? Post 'em.


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